TigerVault not only offers a extensive feature set but more importantly offers direct benefits to you and your business....

Secure & Reliable

TigerVault ensures your data is secure and accessible at all times.   Your data is securely encrypted using military grade 256 bit encryption before it even leaves your servers and remains encrypted whilst in flight and at all times during storage in the cloud data centers. It can only be decoded back into readable data using your encryption key that you keep. This is the most secure method of storing data available today. Our backup services are supported by state of the art infrastructure, thus giving you total peace of mind in data protection.

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Easy to Use

No restrictive hardware requirements, no complicated setup or management, TigerVault is accessible via the internet anywhere in the world via a simple web interface. You can be backing up or restoring your data within minutes. It will automatically continue to run the backup and retain the files according to the schedule and parameters you have defined.

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Low Cost

Due to our commitment, investment and dedication, we are able to offer this comprehensive, scalable and yet feature rich backup service from as little as 99p per day*.  

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Best Business Fit

Robust enterprise-class features specifically designed for business backup solutions of Windows/Linux & Mac Operating Systems. Support for Virtualized environments and key business applications like Microsoft Exchange Server (with mail-level backup), SQL Server as well as Continuous Data Protection, Backup Mirroring and Retention Policies or Live and Deleted Data. No other software at this price offers so many Business grade features.

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Proven Technology

TigerVault is built on state of the art technology, using the best data centers with its robust software. With many years development and experience building upon the best industry standards in In-File Delta methodologies, secure military grade encryption techniques and extensive logging we are proud to lead the way in secure online backup.   With over 5,000,000 Users we think you will agree too.


Professional Support and Management

Unlike most Cloud backup products that offer only a self service solution, TigerVault offers a fully managed backup service where we provide or assist in the setup and then manage and maintain your backups for you. We check your backups daily and resolve any issues, provide assisted recovery and change management. Whether Self-Serviced or Managed TigerVault comes with FREE lifetime Support from a professional IT company that has been providing IT Services and Support for over 20 years.

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21st Century Backup

With support for VMware, Hyper-V and Microsoft Exchange Server mail-level backup, TigerVault is no ordinary backup solution.  With an enterprise rich feature set but at an affordable price, TigerVault leads the way.

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New Release

Version Released

The latest version of TigerVault includes enhancements and support for:

  • Deduplication
  • Total Office 365 Backup and Restore
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Simplified Licensing
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Windows Server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Hyper-V Server
  • VMware ESXi & vCenter

Easy to Get Started

Site to Site 96dpiTigerVault provides a simple mechanism to get you started.  Call us today to discuss your requirements or see our 30 Day Free trial before committing.


Security is Key

Accessing your Risk 96dpiYou want to know your data is secure, safe and protected.  TigerVault provides this assurance with 256bit miltary grade encryption and secure storage of your data in the worlds leading datacentres.

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You're Supported all the way

Telephony 96dpiTigerVault is part of TigerNet a long established services and support company.  With TigerNet providing fast, friendly support, you know there's nothing to worry about

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